Get to know CambioReal

For 20 in the international money remittance market, Cambio works on making remittances from USA to Brasil and from Brasil abroad on an practical, economic and safe way. The logistics of each of our services was carefully created in order to make your life easier. This way, you spend less time and money and can focus on what really matters.

Besides international remittances, we offer a solution to businesses that need to receive money from their Brazilian customers.


You send money online and it arrives at your destination within 3 business days.


The lowest cost ever. No exorbitant fees, no surprises.


Got questions? You can talk to real people in Portuguese or English, always available to find the best solution for you.


CambioReal explores local payment processes, so the money doesn’t actually cross borders, making everything easier, cheaper and faster. Lastly, we have all security-tech international certificates so that your transaction is as safe as a bank’s.

Abroad, CambioReal sends the money to the recipient by check or bank transfer.

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