Which payment methods to offer to Brazilian customers?

Which payment methods to offer to Brazilian customers?

In the Brazilian market, the diversity of payment methods reflects the complexity and peculiarities of the country's economy. For businesses seeking to expand their customer base or improve the shopping experience, it is essential to be aware of and offer the most popular and reliable options.

Credit and Debit Cards:

Brazil is one of the world leaders in card usage. Offering this option is important, considering the installment facilities that are very popular among Brazilians. However, when it comes to international payments, the IOF (Financial Transactions Tax) for using this type of card can significantly increase the transaction cost. Therefore, it is important to consider offering other options.

Boleto Bancário:

An exclusive method in Brazil, the boleto bancário is widely used for online purchases. It allows customers without a credit card or those who prefer not to use it to make payments easily. Boleto also typically allows payments of larger amounts.

International Payment:

In international transactions, it is very interesting to choose a processor that offers one of these options.